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A network focussed on guiding and inspiring action in St Neots on our collective journey

to net zero by 2030

About Us


Neot Zero aims to inspire and enable the businesses, institutions and people of St Neots to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero. We believe that curtailing carbon emissions at pace is essential to avoid an environmental, economic and humanitarian crisis. We also know that it’s often hard to know how to respond to this challenge, and that many people don’t see it as their job.


The reality is that the solutions for net zero already exist. In many cases they are more cost-effective than the technologies and entrenched habits they replace. There are other benefits too, such as cleaner air, more abundant wildlife and protection from the volatility of fossil fuel prices. The transition to net zero also needs to be a just one, allowing us all to be prepared for the changes that climate change is already bringing to the world.


Neot Zero provides the narrative to understand these challenges and solutions, plus the facts to make informed, practical decisions. We never try to preach, sugarcoat or be reductive. Our approach is evidence-based and pragmatic.

Residents: 33,970

Businesses: 1,800

Deadline: 2030

Carbon Footprint:

216,419 tonnes


Achieving net zero carbon is a global challenge, so why are we focusing on St Neots? The simplest answer is that we live and work here. Our town is a good size for people to connect, share ideas, draw inspiration and work collectively towards a common goal. We share the same supply chains, transport networks, community facilities and natural resources. These provide us with a common foundation to act.

St Neots can show that meeting this challenge is not just possible but directly beneficial to us as a community. There is a solid practical argument for making these changes now, and we are here to help make it happen. If we can do it, so can other towns, cities and countries around the world.

Take Action

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Your Top 10 Carbon Busters

Implementing all of these will save more carbon than it would take to drive around the entire world!

Carbon savings figures are for a typical household. We will be expanding this section soon.

Check and Commit



Manage your journey to Net Zero with the

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Commit your business here, and if you want to go further, join the Net Zero Club and your first month's membership fee will be donated to support Neot Zero and our engagement/campaign work.

Thanks for committing to go Net Zero!


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